Dental Bridges

Touch Up Your Smile and Improve Your Life!

Studies have shown that 70% of individuals between the ages of thirty five and forty four have lost a minimum of one of their natural teeth, whether or not as a result of trauma, disease, or decay. Sadly, several of those individuals fail to find appropriate care, either because they’re fearful of being judged by their dental practitioner or out of a sense of overwhelming dental anxiety.

bridge before and after

Here at Family dental Spa, our extensively trained and extremely accomplished professionals offer exceptional care with a delicate, personal touch to make an atmosphere within which our patients will feel utterly relaxed. Among the most effective and reliable strategies of replacing missing teeth, dental bridges are remarkably sturdy, stable, and natural looking. Dr. Perez customizes your bridge with bio compatible tooth-colored materials, making certain that it fits perfectly into your smile. The bridge can restore your mouth to perform normal so you’ll be able to smile, eat, and speak clear once more.