Dental Fillings

Fillings before and afterDental fillings are one of the most common dental procedures and one probably the most vital. By removing a cavity and restoring your tooth surface loss with a material, we are saving that tooth, root and its nerves. If you forgo a filling, the cavity might grow to be so bad that a root canal, crown, or tooth extraction is needed.

When filling a tooth, a dental professional generally removes decayed matter by employing a drill, then shapes the area and fills it with a replacement material. Though fillings are most typically used to treat cavities, they’ll additionally help save teeth that are cracked or broken, or destroyed by teeth grinding, nail biting and/or using your teeth as tools.

The Family Dental Experience

Your comfort is always vital to us. We pride ourselves on staying aware of the newest technology, and pay close attention to your needs to make certain that each treatment, including fillings, is as painless as possible.