Brandon Invisalign – Clear Braces

Brandon dental patients are enjoying straighter teeth and a healthier bite thanks to Invisalign® Provider, Dr. Elizabeth Perez.  Invisalign is an innovative alternative to traditional metal braces, using custom-crafted, form-fitting dental trays. They offer a completely clear-colored and removable solution to a more beautiful smile and a more confident you.  At our dental practice, we are proud to have Dr. Perez, who has been recognized as the premier Invisalign provider in Brandon and continues to correct smiles for patients who choose this alternative clear aligner procedure.

Braces require unattractive metal wires and brackets that can irritate your mouth and make it very difficult to brush and floss the teeth.

These clear aligners  provide a great alternative to normal metal braces. Invisalign is an FDA-approved orthodontic treatment, it utilizes a set of nearly invisible, removable aligners that gradually alter your teeth. Invisalign offers the same amazing result as braces, and because they are clear, you won’t mind smiling during treatment.

Invisalign Brandon FL


Invisalign clear aligners offers comfort and convenience not found with standard braces. Just like standard braces, Invisalign effectively straightens teeth and treats a large range dental conditions, including spacing, crowding, overbite, and underbite.

With Invisalign, not only can you get nearly invisible teeth straightening, you will even be able to take off the device whenever you wish for eating, brushing, flossing, and special occasions. Invisalign clear aligners permit you to eat what you want and avoid the painful mouth abrasions caused by metal brackets and wires. They additionally need less maintenance, with office visits every four to six weeks, instead of the frequent adjustment appointments needed for braces.