Nitrous Oxide Dentistry in Brandon, Florida

brandon dental spa uses nitrous oxide sedationNitrous oxide dentistry is a type of sedation dentistry. This is the kind of dentistry where the patient is totally relaxed yet alert enough to follow the directions of the dentist during oral surgery. It has proven to be helpful with kids and patients who are nervous about coming in to the dentist’s office. Here is how nitrous oxide sedation dentistry different from other types of sedation dentistry? What are its benefits and drawbacks?

Nitrous Oxide Dentistry Benefits

Laughing Gas can be inhaled here in the office, and it is perfect for people who have a fear of needles. Because it is a gas, it gets to the brain fast to bring on a state of relaxation. Dr. Perez will adjust the levels of nitrous oxide depending on the kind and length of procedure. With this type of control completely reduces the risk of the patient being given to much gas. The addition of oxygen lengthens the amount of time laughing gas can be used.

Another great benefit of laughing gas is that it gets out of the body quickly after it is stopped. Nitrous oxide will be completely gone from a patient’s body within 5 minutes after Dr. perez discontinues its use.